Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mooncake & Raya Visiting

How was your mooncake festival or Raya celebrations spent?
Mine was at ELC (Family Business Kindy in Taman Desa) for Mid Autumn Festival and Siti's (NS Friend) Open House for Raya celebrations.

I had great fun at ELC looking at all the kids toddle around with their lanterns.. the food was good too. Enjoy the few pictures i took...
For Raya, we (Jojo, Liyana and Atikah) went over to Siti's house for open house. We had nasi kerabu (Kelantanese specialty) and boy was it good! We went to pyramid after that for the movie 'Devil' and some cake for Atikah's bday. Great Fun. Hope to do it again soon. Enjoy the piccas peeps.

Have a great Thursday Peeps! nitez. xoxo

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