Thursday, 21 October 2010

To you Mummy

Happy Birthday Mummy! Thanks for everything and you know i'll love you always no matter what! Here's a song i dedicate to you!

You gave me strength when I was weak
You gave me hope instead of thinking of defeat
You gave me joy when things were sad
Put in the good took out all the bad

I was a loser with you I won
Now I'm doing all the things I left undone
Brought back the feelings I thought were gone
And it's only the beginning and we've only just begun
Now my life has changed in oh so many ways
I have no doubt who I follow
I know you're with me in every step I take
Leavin' behind me all my sorrow

Here's how we celebrated Mummy's birthday earlier! the Kids brought the parents out for a nice meal at Colosseum Restaurant, KL. After all those years of daddy paying.. we continue the tradition with our gift to mummy.

Once again Mum. Happy Birthday xoxo

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