Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What's your plans?

The plan for this getaway was discussed about 3 weeks ago? lol... The only weekend we were all available was this 1... And this would be our first (of many i hope) adventures together.

A bunch of my colleagues and I are gearing up for a highland getaway.. as many of you know, my family have a place at Gohtong Jaya (half way stop to Genting Highlands. The agenda for this getaway is to relax, eat, laugh, drink, drank, drunk? Not entirely sure about the last three activities, but... it's gonna be a great 1. =) Can't wait..

I was surfing through this morning and i came across this picture... It's wise... and it's the way i live my life.. feeling the need for wise quotes on this Sunny Wednesday afternoon? Surf to get some..

Till me next update... Here's me signing off, have a great Wednesday! xoxo

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