Thursday, 11 November 2010

What are your plans this Xmas?

Well well.. it has come to that time again in the year... the END of the year... I am a lil early in posting this up.. but i just can't wait for Xmas! This Christmas is especially special! Coz.. My sis and Family are back. There's this huge Open house on Boxing day, going to PD ANDDDDDD Singapore BABEY! for New Years. It's gonna be 1 great December!

But... with the christmas pressies and all the joy i'm gonna have in December... comes... being broke for the month as i need to SAVE big time... sooooo.. lets hope i can do that.

What are your plans? Does it include spending it with a loved one? In my case here, my loved ones are family & friends.

Have a great Thursday... xoxo

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