Monday, 27 February 2012

Discovering Stratford Upon Avon

As you all know, in December 2011 the family decided to head to the UK for Christmas break..
Main purpose of going back to the UK was to visit family.. Hence, we didn't really travel that much. But managed to have a looksie around the town's near by.

My coverage on my UK trip will be in a number of postings... so please be patient. hehe.

Starting off with Stratford Upon Avon, most of you would be like WHAT? where the heck is that? Well... for your easy reference, i stole a description from wikipedia for ya.

'Stratford-upon-Avon is a market town and civil parish in south Warwickshire, England. It lies on the River Avon, 22 miles (35 km) south east of Birmingham and 8 miles (13 km) south west of Warwick. It is the largest and most populous town of the District of Stratford-on-Avon, which uses the term "on" to indicate that it covers a much larger area than the town itself.[1] Four electoral wards make up the urban town of Stratford; Alveston, Avenue and New Town, Mount Pleasant and Guild and Hathaway. The estimated total population for those wards in 2007 was 25,505.[2]
The town is a popular tourist destination owing to its status as birthplace of the playwright and poet William Shakespeare, receiving about three million visitors a year from all over the world.[3] The Royal Shakespeare Company resides in Stratford's Royal Shakespeare Theatre, one of Britain's most important cultural venues.'

Yes. you read correct.. birthplace of William Shakespear.. you would think it's a romantic town eh? =)

So we arrived like at 7pm (England time) that's 3am (Malaysian time) - Tired as heck coz we'd had been travelling for 13 hours KUL-LON and 3 hours LON-STR (Traffic was bad on the Motorway that's why it took so long -.-) But looking at my niece jumping up and down up and down when we arrived was just.. classic and a memory that will be in my mind forever.
Moving on.. I think me and my bro woke up at 4am (england time) that first morning and were practically walking about downstairs, watching tv and catching up on our facebook updates.. hehe.

We headed out to town about 10am to just run some errands and have lunch. Have a look at the first few snaps we took! =)
Touchdown LONDON. =) Looking tired. 

 Freezing at 5 degrees. 

They have designated smoking areas for smokers. 

The next morning. Sis and Bro

Sis and I 

A meal you cannot miss out on... Fish and Chips.. =) 

We also have sausage and chips

The train station.. 

At Stratford upon avon - there are loads of boats. 

Talking to uncle jonathan.

Wrapped up

A vintage door I saw while walking the streets of Stratford Upon Avon

Me and my dad.

That wraps up the first posting. Stay tuned for more! =)


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