Monday, 24 September 2012

Only place to vent

Over the past weekend, not only was I totally pissed with a certain someone. I got to know of some news about my other friend that was kind of surprising and I'm still in a state of shock at the moment. It has nothing to do with death nor anything related to a serious injury/illness. On the contrary it should be happy news at any given time, however knowing the fact that it was all rushed.. knowing that he is the kind of person that will be responsible for everything... and knowing the fact that he did not have a choice? but then again.. everyone has choices and he made his. All I can do is respect that choice, be there for him and congratulate him. 

I'm not going into too much detail of what really happened.. but know this, he doesn't even know we know. I will wait till he tells me coz i want to give him that, the chance to express himself, the chance to let me know whether he is happy or just going with the flow of life and the chance for him to let me see that he truly is still the person I really cared for. 

That's life. Nothing else to say.

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