Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Life for the next three months...

So i'm actually suppose to be finishing up some work right about now. but i can't be arsed coz its been one of those days. since its 6pm and I can now vent all i want. Let me start by saying the next couple of months are gonna be stressful for me with a lot of events coming up as well.

October X 3 events
November X 4 events
December X 2 events

October X 3 weekends + 1 rave party
November X 1 weekend
Decemeber X 1 weekend + 1 rave party

So.. the saying is right.. you really do work hard for the money and then you get to enjoy it?

I'm dreading the months to come actually. I'm gonna try to be positive about things and work as hard as I can... And im gonna live up to the saying below..

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