Thursday, 20 December 2012

As the year comes to an end..

As the year comes to an end... we sit back and think of what has been the best parts and what have been the not so good parts of the year. 

As for me... there's been loads of best parts and a very small number of not so good parts. 

Best part: 
Travelling - I've had the privilege of travelling to a number of destinations this year. From the serenity of Awan Mulan, Busy cities of Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta to the calm beaches at Krabi. Not forgetting the other places around Malaysia. 

Promotion - Got promoted this year! I am appreciative that HR finally gave me the chance to advance to the next level in the corporate world. Finally I can say... I am climbing the corporate ladder. =) 

J&J wedding - Happiness that my brother got married to the love of his life Joanne.

Jasmine Cole Yuan Ann - Arrival of second niece brought tears to my eyes. Love her to bits. 

Graduating - Graduating from my Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Made a lot of sacrifices for this diploma. Which finally paid off. 

Friendship - Appreciating friendship the most this year. Through the thick and thin they stayed with me. 

DJs - Being able to see my favourite DJs in action. Something off my bucket list 

Not so good parts: 

Losing patience - losing a lot of my patience this year. With my colleagues, friends and family. Not forgettable memories. 

Thinking too much - over thinking on situations that should be left. 

Hurting myself - EMOTIONALLY. 

What 2013 will bring me? 

Great bonus?
Gaining more knowledge from work? 
New love? 
Bf getting married? 
Becoming an auntie again? =) 

Till my next update. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year! 


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