Monday, 24 September 2007

Perhentian perhentian..... *My Paradise*

Updating this blog from England peeps... Just want to post a shoutout to all my mates back in Malaysia *you know who you are* i miss and love you guys soooooooo much..

Anywho.. moving on... perhentian post.. loads of pics to post up..

It was a great trip with wei and fion, and i wish that when i get back to Malaysia there will be another one.

So here are the pics...

The beautiful view frm perhentian island
Tuna Bay Resort!

Scenaries of PAradise *well my paradise*

The water was this CLEAR!!On the BusOn the BoatCamwhore momentsCamwhore moments number 2camwhore moments number 3

and again.... number 4One pair of feet is missing.... which is becky's.... should have been like the one in Penang. Camwhore number 5camwhore number 6 camwhore number 7 i was soaking up the SUN! Ahehehehehehhe number 8lonely..... i'm soooo lonely......aheheehhee you see the redness on my skin... it hurt like shit. lol fishes in the sea! view from the boat on the way for snorkling.. in the middle of the ocean.

Well i hope you enjoyed these pictures..... They were all taken by the wonderful wei wei.. i took some too.. but it was her CAMERA! lol.. Anyway... gotta go now... stay tune for more updates...

Bye and take care everyone!

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