Friday, 14 December 2007

Durham & BW party.

Right so i didnt get the pictures from Aydin coz he's busy doing his assignment. I'm also the same as him.. busy with assignments but i am letting my head rest from it just tonight so that i can be fresh in the morning to crack back on it.

For those of you who know. i've got a riverview and guess what? it is now frozen over!! imagine that! hahaha it's dark now so i can't really take a picture and show you. For those of you who dont know. now you know! haha Ok moving on.

I manage to get the pictures from Dian for the Durham trip and the BW party as well as some pictures from Junie's camera for the BW party. There are some in my phone as well but i cant be bothered to load them into my pc at the moment.

So first pics are of Durham. Durham is such a wonderful place! i wouldnt mind actually staying there. it's the nicest place i've been in England sooo far. haha. it's just really nice. Here are the pictures.
Amanda, Me and Dian @ a CastleAmanda, Me, Aydin and rainbow.

Xmas market was great in Durham, had carolers and everything.


The view behind me of the river is amazing.


The following pictures are of the Black and White party! 'Enjoy...' tehehe. Lazy to caps... sorry..

Thank you to Dian and Junie for the pictures!

Alright that's about it now. i'll update probably after my presentation which is on the 20th. All of you take care!

Lots of love! xxxx

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