Friday, 7 December 2007

Laptop is sick

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates... my laptop has been sick for weeks now and i'm updating from cloth hall court (a building in the city that is my Uni as well) weird huh? hahaha.

So anyway, the reason i'm here is that im waiting for elia, aliaa and sham to come out of their class so that me and junie and them can move on to the city for a little window shopping as well as buying some xmas presents! Hahahaha.

Okay i've actually got a back dated post that i want to load but unfortunately i have not received the pictures yet from Aydin and Dian for my durham trip. I need them people!!! i need to update my blog and keep my Malaysian readers updated on what is happening in the UK.... LOL.

Ok moving on... i've got a group meeting tomorrow for my Communication Audit subject and need to analyse at least 650 questionaires that we obtained from NHS. What joy that would be! Then i've got a 'black and white bye bye party' tomorrow night to attend organised by Pinky (she's from johor! been here for two years already) for the Erasmus students who will be returning in January.

Erm... i guess that's about it for my life sooo far. not very interesting i know. but then again.. i love to rant on and on and on... tehehehehe....

Till the next post stay dehydrated peeps in malaysia! and stay warm those in the UK.

P.S Please pray for me that my laptop wont cost a bomb to fix... i love my laptop!

Lots of love,


Anonymous said...

wht happend to yr laptop? can u bring it to NHS to see a dc?


sabrina said...

HAhahaha.. i wish. the laptop is just slow.