Saturday, 29 December 2007

December 22nd - Flat5 Abbey House - Xmas Dinner

Lets begin this post by wishing everyone a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!

After my presentation on the 20th i went out to the city with the girls and did some xmas shopping! Was so happy to get my presentation over and done with. Now just gotta get cracking on my consulting in context and the report for comms audit then it's a holiday! Haha.

After the shopping spree.. the girls went back and i went to join Sissi, Junie, Dian, Clemens, Pinky, Ming, Aydin, Jason, Eddy for dinner that night. We had chinese and it was a delish! I really enjoyed myself. Then most of us went over to Pinky's Joint to watch a movie. After that we went home. haha. Pictures from that night will be posted up soon. I need to get the pictures from my mates.

Erm.. on the friday night we had a movie marathon, me, Clemens, Junie, Aliaa, Elia and Sham had a lovely time watching the dvds.

On saturday, it was our 'High Class' dinner xmas party!! haha. i was so excited. we got the tasty chicken from Charcols and i made the mash potato to go with it... *with Gravy* yummmssss... It was a lovely night of 'fine dinning' and we had a small party after that! that lasted from 11pm till about 6.3o in the morning. Here are the pictures we took during the 'high class' dinner. Enjoy...

Candles!!! Me and the Candles

Elia and I

Elia, Me and AliaSham and I

Me and Junie

Our plates... dont worry it wasnt red wine! it was sparkling juice.

Junie, Elia, Sabrina
AliaaThe group


our dinner

We waiting to eat!

Junie, Elia and Me



Kay thats the pictures for the dinner we had.... i'll update on the party soon and manchester trip as well.......

Till Nxt time.

Love you all!

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david santos said...

Nice photos, thank you,

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.