Thursday, 21 February 2008

Chinese New Year in Leeds.

Hi all,

Today is Chap Goh Meh (chinese valentines day).. what i will be doing tonight?? Im going to go to Bar Risa and Party!! ya i know thursday night bla bla.. but there is no class tomorrow! soooo whatever! lol

Anyway.. i've got a CNY update for you!

What did i do for Chinese New Year 2008? i made steamboat! lol and.. on CNY night i got invited to a dinner at one of my mate's place. His housemate cooked good food.. - beef in ginger, tofu with mince meat, lamb curry with nan bread (not chinese but very nice!!) and fried pork! - Dont have pictures of that but trust me it was a good nite!

So anyway... im going to post up some pictures from steamboat night cum CNY eve cum Reunion dinner- So enjoyyy...

Our steamboat --- made by yours truly ---
The people there --- Junie ---
--- Me of course ---
--- Aydin ---
--- Aless ---

--- Aliaa ---

--- Me and Aless... waiting patiently for it to cook ---
--- Me showing a stupid face ---
--- Junie and Aliaa ---
--- Aydin and Me.. we look like siblings ---
--- Sabrina and Aless --- --- Aliaa, Aydin and Me ---
--- This was CNY night ---

Alright thats it for now! hope all of you enjoy your chap goh meh! Low the Yee Sang High High!! Lol.. Till next time.. Stay tuned.


Sabrina xoxo

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