Thursday, 2 July 2009

Can you say cute?

Thursday - 12.06am - 2/7/09

Hello July! I hope this month is full with surprises, entertainment and happiness.

I bet there gonna be loads of changes in my career path this month. I hope for the best and pray for the best. Do pray for me peeps!

Went to Ikea the other day and got tons of stuff for my room. I think i will be doing my mini-project this weekend. Pictures will be up of my mini-project soonish. hehe.

My niece Renee is getting bigger and bigger man... Just two months ago she looked so small.. no she's grown and grown. haha. Here are some pictures of my lovely niece whom i can't wait to meet come September!!

Time for bed... Zzzzz....

I'm superwoman!

I'm lovin my rocking chair and walker Gong Gong!

Thanks My Heng for this lovely dress!

The many faces of Renee Yuan Mei Cole

Whatcha looking at?

Er... I'm a Egyptian

Hahahaha.. I loveeeeeeeeeee my niece. she's just tooooooooooooooo cute!

Right.. Time for bed. Have a good Thursday ahead!!


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