Wednesday, 15 July 2009

good morning kuala lumpur.

Wednesday - 15/07/09 - 8.10am.

Good morning! i've been meaning to write in for days now but got demotivated and today after my shower i was like... hey i wanna blog! lol.

So anyway... Have you guys recently seen the new movie by Beyonce and ali larter? its awesomee! for those who have not! i do suggest going for the movie. Its a good movie. I loved it. haha.

Once again this week i'll be busy. well towards the end of the week at least. Harry Potter tomorrow. OMG i can't wait. Man U training on Friday and Man U match on Saturday! WOpppeee! Can't wait to see all the players.. (im off on Friday - Yay)

Best be getting ready for work now. Shittt... 8.13am... gotta go gotta gooo....

Have a great Wednesday ahead!!

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