Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Birthday Shoutout

Just got back from watching 'The Taking of Pelham 123', it was ok... I fairly liked it.. but i thought it could have had a better ending though. Went with my colleagues from work and then had dinner with them. Was a normal night of dinner and movie.

On the 9 July 2009, was one of my closest friends back in Leeds and here birthday. Fortunately, she is a Malaysian and she is here for us to celebrate with her. For our kirkstall gang, for birthdays we tend to end up at Redbox. I guess we love Redbox too much! lol. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves very much.

Today... another close friend of mine has turned a year wiser and hotter. I didn't spend the day or night with her today but we (Steph and I) celebrated earlier for her. Again we all had a blast!

One thing sure about my mates, the company will always be right and we will always connect even if we barely see each other. A friend that you think about everyday... is a friend that will be in your heart forever.

So once again i would like to wish two of my closest friends in life. A very Happy Birthday!

Aliaa (known her for 2.5 years)

Lim Wei Wei (known her for 5 years)

Once again Happy Birthdays and may all your wishes come true. Friends forever!

Love and sweet dreams,

1 comment:

aliaa said...

we've know each other for 2.5 years already? cool!!
thanx for the bday celebration. and i guess u rite,we love redbox a little bit too much.haha
take care love.