Friday, 30 April 2010

Release tension session with the babez.

Went to Chilis last night with the babez. hah! it was one long release tension session man! Thanks babez for listening... really needed to get it all out. it's been a really stressful week for me.

Thankfully.. my long awaited break is now here.. Singapore here i come! Friends in Singapore Here i come!! whoop!

What's on the agenda in Singapore?

- Shopping
- Sentosa
- Clubbing
- Relaxing
- Chilling with my matez.

Well excited!! Not gonna worry one thing about work! =)

Enjoy the pictures from last night....

Stephy's southern chicken meal.

Wei's Chicken fritters

My Salad.

Wei Wei and Stephy

Me and Wei Wei
Have a GREAT weekend peeps!! See you on Monday! =)

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