Friday, 25 February 2011

Give all my secrets away

Hi readers... it's gonna be a long post.. which possibly will drive you away from reading this post..
I'll take this time to say sorry first...

I'm still thinking whether it was a good choice to share all my secrets/feelings with this certain someone... i've never open myself up to anyone else before this. well there was one... but that was a long time ago.. There are certain things that i did tell this individual that i do not regret telling.. What am i saying. i dont regret telling all my
stories/feeling/secrets to this person. But what if the friendship suddenly ends? Does that mean all these sharing sessions were all a waste of my time? What we all fear at the end of the day... is rejection and regret.

Uff. I'm jst feeling iffy about this situation.. don't mind me... My blog is after all a place to share and ramble abt things....

One thing i wanted to say though.. is... friendship is not difficult - if you like the person and the person likes you back, feels comfortable, jokes around then by all means... remain friends.

One more thing .... i'm leaning towards is...

Happy Friday peeps!


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