Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ushering in 2011 [part 3]

Gonna finish all the FOUR post by today........ gotta finish it. =)

So.. part 3 is actually our second day in the lion country.. On our second day... after missing breakfast we paid for in the hotel...... we headed to orchard... unfortunately for the weather.. we weren't able to get out of ION.... So we shopped there.... towards dinner time was when the rain eased up and we headed over the wild honey for 'breakfast' at dinner time? haha
We ended our second day with going out once again.. this time however to Zirca/Rebel (two clubs once again in the same venue) The club was actually opened till 5am... At 3.30am i was like... ey... what time is it? and shocked when my mate told me it was already 3.30am.. couldn't believe the club was actually still soooo packed.. Overall was a great night out as well.

Enjoy the piccas. [forgive me - it's gonna be a long post]

Let me take a break for dinner and get back to the blog on the final post for singapore later tonite. =)


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