Friday, 11 February 2011

Phuture - 1st week in 2011

So after coming back from Singapore the week before... we decided to drown our sorrows of not being in Singapore at Phuture - being the first weekend in 2011 - we gotta celebrate! Haha.

We actually started the Saturday off with a movie (Tourist) @ Pavilion KL and headed to Jln Alor for some delish dindin with Kelvin.. While having our dins we were contemplating on whether we should head to Zouk that night.. having partied half of the year away last year... As usual... being the last minute ppl we are. we headed to Zouk...

Of course we invited pei tan mui n her boyfriend too... they joined us as well.... Then we found out Alvin and gang were gonna be there too... So we had a bunch of friends... and it was a great night out... Enjoy the piccas!


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