Thursday, 26 May 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates peeps. Been hell of a week at work.. Just a quick word update. 

The month of June is gonna be another hectic one as well. But with the hecticness there will be enjoyment and roadtrips planned out as well.... Thinking to have a bbq next month... been awhile... and since i've got a pit in the backyard why not ey? haha. 

Next month also marks the 6th month of the year... I believe... BaChang Festival is coming up.... gotta get those banana leaf, glutenous rice and belly pork out! Time to get down to my Chinese roots once again. =)

Once again so sorry for the lack of updates.... i've got something to update about just before my Hong Kong trip... waiting for those pictures first though. hehe. 

Okay. till the nest update. Stay tuned! 


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