Thursday, 12 May 2011

The night we met the love of our lives.

Title says it all.. 

We got our tickets 3 weeks prior to the concert... 

We got to the stadium at 7.30pm for a 9pm concert. We got in.. We waited... 

And they began with.... Misery......
The rest of the set list: 
If I Never See Your face Again 
Harder to Breathe 
Give a Little More 
The Sun 
Won't Go Home Without You 
Never Gonna Leave This Bed 
What's Love Got to do With It (Tina Turner cover)
She Will Be Loved 
Wake up Call 
This Love 
Hands All Over 
Makes me Wonder 

Finally ending with Sunday Morning.... Would have been great if they did 'Goodnight Goodnight' But non the less... it was an awesome rock concert..

Just to let you know... it was my first concert ever... XD 

Here are some pictures. 

P.S. The fans were free. hehehe. We saw later in line that a guy was selling it for 10 bucks.. each.. =.= 


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