Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Last minute plan of the night...

As promised, i would update tonight (a proper one) hehe... So 2 Friday's ago... My highschool friend texted me like at 4pm asking if I wanted to go to Velvet that night.. after me complaining that i hadn't visited velvet for the past 3 weeks! (Whole of April) a friend comes along and brightens up my Friday even more! haha. So i called the usual to join as well.. and yep they did... =D it was great.. people got drunk. people got tipsy. people danced. Overall an AWESOME night. 

Quote of the night... 

'Sabrina, you're such a clubber! Since when did you drink soooo much?' 

My reply 'Friend, apparently you've not been on Facebook long enough?' 

Enjoy the piccasss... =) 


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