Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Tested out this place called 'Ben's' The other day just before Transformers at Pavilion. The usual gang went for the movie. 

Moving back to the topic on Ben's... I would say the ambiance of the restaurant is all i have to say that's good about that place. 

To be honest, the food isn't spectacular... I wouldn't go back there for dinner if you asked me. The dessert on the other hand. I cannot comment as we didn't get a chance to try that out. Should we go back to that place we would try out the dessert.

Here are some shots of the food we consumed that night.

Transformers on the other hand... was AWESOME. haha. so awesome i watched it TWICE! hehe. 

I am trying to recover from a bad ass flu and cough these pass few days. I'm hoping to get it off me before the weekend comes around.. Just coz.. you don't really wanna be sick on weekends? hehe. 


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