Thursday, 28 July 2011

Free Flow at Aristo

That week would have been one of the most stressful work weeks in July... I decided to take advantage of the free flow event at Aristo that good old' Wednesday night inviting the usual peeps once again.. hehe. 

All of us dressed in our work wear headed over to Aristo for some free booze until about 9pm. Now try to keep in mind that we didnt have any food in our tummy's while downing whiskey water, whiskey coke, whiskey on the rocks and the good old every trusting beer. After downing all that we managed to drive ourselves to MV for 'second round' and some pub food. 

That night was good.. i do believe however we were all zombies the next day. never the less happy night out. =) 

Enjoy the piccas - compliments to Lula Laine! 

Group picca. 

Fai - Sabrina - Chua (Kharfye squeezing in there for a picca)

Do you see the difference in redness? KF having too much to drink i believe. 

The Babes


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