Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Love...

Oppps! Neglected the blog for awhile.. Let's pop in my new found love of something then i'll continue on with life updates tonight. 

I'm gonna work so hard to get this new love of mine... keep in mind i have upcoming travel plans and am already tight for the dosh. urgh. TRY to work really hard to get it then. 

I'm talking about the NEW Blackberry Touch Bold 9900..... oh it's so sexay i can't take my eyes off it! Was actually looking to get playbook sometime next year. However, while browsing i saw this and heck. my blackberry needs an update anyway... hehe. 

Find out more by clicking on this link 

So.. this is definitely on my wish list this Christmas and Birthday... and i promise to be even more good if i got playbook too! hehe. 

The BF birthday is coming up.. damn so dont know what to get... DILEMMA... (hint hint - you better tell me what you want - don't so over priced ya! hehe) 


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