Friday, 6 April 2012

The Birthday Celebration

I had three birthday celebrations in December and spilling over to January as well. 

The Office Birthday 
My colleagues bought me and another colleague who's birthday was in December a nice baskin robbins cake. Minus the fact that it was soooo hard to cut (ice-cream = frozen).. it was a nice surprise and I also got a nice pouch from my big boss that i currently do not use that much. hehe. 

My mini boss brought me for some syabu syabu on my last day of work last year as well in collaboration with my birthday. 

The UK 'Surprise' Birthday Celebration

The inverted comma's in the title of this story is highly recommended in the experience I had in the UK. The family were planning for a birthday dinner for me (this was known to me) however the few words that came out of my niece mouth when i arrived back that evening from Manchester was priceless and a memory to treasure forever. She went.... 'Auntie Sabrina!! We've got a birthday cake for you! But shhh... it's a secret!' I smiled and hugged her... before my sis went 'OMG Renee! we can't tell you anything!' =D. a memory i would treasure for life. 

The sis, bro and bro in law brought me to watch sherlock holmes as well while we were there... 
They're cinema is kinda cool.. coz you get to bring in beer! (not sneaking it in) hehe. 

The surprise birthday celebration (Malaysia Edition) 

Few of my close friends got together to organise a birthday dinner for me too! This was a real surprise in terms of the extent they went out of their way to get balloons and a table right smack in the middle of the restaurant. They decided on this place in Bangsar called Leonardo's. The food was good. We headed to Velvet for the after party. I was smashed.... but not till puking my guts out smashed. hehe. 

Culprit that made me go.... woahhhh... 

Just would like to thank each and every one of you for making my 24th Birthday a memorable one... Birthdays are important days to me... and i will cherish the memories forever. =) 


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