Monday, 23 April 2012

International DJs & Parties

Kick start of 2012 international djs and parties.... 

It's now the end of April and there's been TONS of raves happening these couple of months. Wonder why... haha. But mostly the raves are at Sepang (about an hour away from KL).. the location is a bitch. but it's the closest venue to being big enough to handle the crowd. 

The update i'm about the write about happened in February.. (sorry for the lateness) 

I partied with a mate back from Australia for the weekend... He was just dropping by and has since gone to Shanghai to work! While partying.. I popped into my college mate and her bf... we use to party together but since her 'retirement' from clubbing, she rarely goes now a days. So it was a treat to meet up with her.. So there we were in Phuture, Zouk Club KL... (don't really fancy the tunes) I was high.. but not high enuff to not head home earlier. haha. Din't help when friends where saying to me.. stay stay stay... 

Flaming for the boys

Kenix and I! 

Wilson and I

Kenix and Wilson

Zeda and I

Jit and I

Calvin Harris was in town on 15 February 2012.. and being the lovers we are.. we headed over to Vertigo for his gig. It was crazzyyy packed and on a Wednesday. Packed with youngsters.. I felt so old... haha. but never the less. worth it to go to just hear Calvin Harris - Flashback *my current ring tone* since February... hehe. 

My excitement when I saw these! hehe.

The guys for the night.... look at Kin (his pose so 'cool') lol 
Chua, Kin, Fai, Stutu

The girlies for the night. hehe. 

Chua and I

Chua (partially hiding), Fai, Me and Kin

Goldfish and Blink Opened that night.. I prefer Blink most of the time. <3

Wei Wei and Stutu

Silly Faces! 

Hottie Alert! CH in the House! 

Overall and amazing night. =) 

Final party of February was in Bakita, Changkat.. It started off with drinks 'only'... then a little birdie got excited and dragged us to Zouk. Hehe. Never the less another epic night! =D 

Our new heels! =D <3

The little birdie and I. 

That ends my February update! =D 

Happy Monday Peeps! xoxo

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