Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Xmas Day @ Stratford Upon Avon and Salford, Manchester

Christmas day was spent half the time at Stratford and half the time at my Nana's place in Salford. 

The excitement on Renee's face as she opened all her wonderful presents (mind you i think she got like 30 presents) was priceless! A Christmas morning I enjoyed very much. Here's some photo's of our morning at my sister's house in Stratford Upon Avon. 

It was snowing!!!! 
Nah.. my B.I.L got a snow machine for us. How sweet of him to think of that. I did have a white Christmas afterall... 

After a quick opening of presents and having a nice bacon sandwich for breakfast... we headed up north to Manchester for the next 3 days. =) 

The Christmas lunch+dinner was so good.... i thought i died and went to heaven.. =D Enjoy the pictures and drooll... lol 

That sums up my Christmas day. Next up. Manchester United Vs. Wigan Match 26.12.11 (5-0) 


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