Saturday, 28 July 2007

tired as hell..

I'm totally tired as hell from last night's hanging out session at my place with the usual peeps.. wei, becky and fion. The alarm rang at 6am today and i turned it off and went back to sleep.

Then realizing that i was suppose to go to work by 7 i suddenly sat up straight and looked at my clock. Shyte.. it was already 6.56am.. thank God my clock is set 5 mins earlier and that i was driving to work today.

Got up did my usual shit and headed out the door! got to work and it was pretty good as the ppl there had already pre packed some of the bread that was wanted in puchong that day. (thanks guys)..

Now i'm just relaxing at home waiting for the time to come when i have to get ready for tonights biggest event ever! lol... not really... just being a drama queen as usual.....

Precisely Twenty-One years ago today... Lim Wei Wei was born into this world. I've known ah wei for erm... 2 and a half years? lol.. trust me those 2 and a half years has been filled with fun, laughter, excitement and bitching sessions! hehehe.

She's one of the closest friends i have from my college days.. she's the greatest listener, the best to be around to laugh at sor hai ness, the best to bully, the one along with becky that taught me my Cantonese words (which they still laugh at me when i say it), the nicest person in the world at all times even when she doesn't need to be nice =p, my big sis that helps me keep calm at situations when i get emotional, my group member that helps me like hell and my friend that stays up with me when assignments are due the next morning! There are loads more of good things about this wonderful girl here but if i was to write them all it would probably never end.

Anywho! just wanted to wish my beloved dear a very HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY and may all your dreams come true!


So.... we'll be heading over to atrium for dinner before going over to poppy's to party! and get wei drunk as hell! =) i love you. haha.

Anyways... i'm finishing my post here and i really do home i enjoy my night tonight! okay then... off i go!

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