Thursday, 26 July 2007

i'm lovin the song entitled 'everything' by michael buble!!

I'm hooked on to his song!!! plus he's hot! haha...

Always have been a jazzy type of song person me... just haven't really shown it.

Anywho.. the randomness part three update will have to continue in my next post as i'm posting for my desktop and not my notebook *which contains all the pics*....

I went to subang today to finish off my application to leeds and everything seems like its going into plan.... just need to get the contract and sign and i'll be all set. Picked up steph and we headed to pizza hut for lunch... wish was on her! thanks steph! *just kidding* i'll pay you back on the 31st... no money now.

So pics from today!

have fun...


Cheezie dips?

LOL yum yum


Yum yum

collage of us both

I would like to thank stephy for taking the pics and making me pose like a fool infront of the pizza hut staff.

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