Sunday, 8 July 2007

Working as a cashier in a bakery is damn... tiring.

Hey all.. as you see from the title that i am working in a bakery now. The bakery is call bread valley... and it's located about ten minutes away from my house. So I've been walking there and occasionally either my bro, sis, mum or dad takes me there. lol. it's varies according to the time.
There is in total 3 different shifts for a FULL- TIME worker which are, 7.30am to 4.30pm, 10am to 7pm and 1.30pm to 10.30pm.. My favourite of all is 10am to 7pm it's just nice for me. Not waking up too early in the morning and not going back to late in the evening and in each shift there is an hour break! lol.

Ok enough of all this blabber for my job. Moving on to the post I've been promising to write for sooooo long... Greg's farewell party for my sis and bro in law.

It was held on the night before my flight back to Malaysia. It was like a buffet sort of thing and Greg, Laura and James (all of my sister's mates) prepared it all for us. It was an absolutely fun night of Drinks, Food, Greg's back yard, and a HUGE WARM FIRE TO KEEP US WARM? lol. And because it was raining on my sisters wedding night... we had the chance to use you know those big lanterns that you lit up and it floats away up into the sky.. (during Chinese New Year we use it to write our wishes on it and everything) I'll post up the pics in a bit.

Overall it was a GREAT night. I was really happy and was glad that Greg held it before me and the rest of the family headed home.
Here are some pics of the night....

Brother in law.. lol

Group picture... our host was Greg the one with blond hair. lol

This was the lantern thingy i was talking about.. it's illegal in Malaysia right?

All lit up.. as you can see i wasn't there. i was taking the pic.. lol

Ready to let go soon......

And then..... SHIT!! stupid win suddenly comes and their all struggling. while i was giggling. lol...


Laura, Sis, Greg.

Sis and Greg.

Newly Weds.

Me and champagne and you see that fire there.. it's actually very nice and i took a photo of it but i can't seem to find it in my file sooo no nice photo of fire to show!

Ok folks that's all for now.. gotta get up early for work tomorrow!! haihz.. life.

Hope you enjoyed this entry until the next take care and have FUN! ...

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*~AngeLa~*... (^^) said...

i don't think the lanterns are illegal dear...few years back i saw like thousands of them in the air during some festival..i tot they were stars..(^^)