Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Maison and upcoming potter movie!

Went to Maison last week and i think two weeks before that.. lol anyway.. here are some pics as some people want me to post up.. *view the tag board and you'll know who la.*
Here are some pictures.

Me and Becky the two weeks ago at Maison....
Wei and me *last weeks visit to Maison*
Me and Becky....
Becky and Wei..
Wei and me again..

Fion, Becky and Wei

Fion and Wei *sorry wei for i had to put this pic up because you didn't have any other pics with Fion that was serious! =P*

Me after a long night of clubbing...

Yay!! Harry Potter is premiering in another ONE DAY!! yay! lol... I can't bloody wait for the movie and the final book to come out. And of course Tom Felton's Hotness!! haha. Here's a pic of this HOTTIE!

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