Thursday, 23 August 2007

Everyone around me.. including me is finally facing reality...

Hey peeps...

I'm really finally facing reality that i will be leaving Malaysia in approximately 19 days..... gosh... But i will be coming back.. just not soooo soon....

I told my mother today that i was 'depressed' *was ust kidding around* but then she said.. why??? coz you're going to leave me here all alone and fly off to England. HAHa then my heart went... awwwww.... LOL :P

Another friend of mine told me that she dreamt of me leaving and finally realized that i was going... jeezzz... it's kinda late to be dreaming about that now becky! and according to this missy... wei and herself was crying! lol *how true will that be*??

Oh well.... just have to face it... i'm leaving...... and whoever wants to meet up will be great! It will be a DATE! lol. just tell me like... a day or two before mayb!

In other news................ just another week to go before my perhentian trip and the end of my two month cashier job at the bakery... benefit of being at the bakery number one! my mandarin language has improved massively. number two! my vocabulary for my Cantonese foul language skills has improved dramatically. lol... and number three! i learn many things about bread and cakes! lol

And that is it for now ladies and gentlemen... take care and sweet dreams to all that is reading this blog and to those whom are not!

Perhentian in a week time........ WOPEEE!

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