Sunday, 26 August 2007


Really sleepy this morning......

Reason?? coz i went to ruumss with wei, fion and becky last night and i got back at 3.3o n this morning woke up at 8.. sooo go figure huh? lol
Went to eat steamboat at hoho's before that n man what an interesting session.. *wink wink wei* didn't take any pics of that though...

I took pics during our clubbing session and those will be up in a sec.. didn't take much though. Took those pics with new phone complimentary from my dad who is now in Italy on business! Thanks Pa..... i Love you sooooo much.
pics of that phone will be up too!
So anyway... another 4 days of working man!!! and hahahahahaha guess what??? the bakery is closing down! such a sad thing for the workers who have to go and find another job and all... but it doesn't effect me at all.. haha... unless i don't get my pay for this month.. which i will sooo totally kill the boss for.. lol. nah just kidding. but i would be one angry worker.

Its also another 4 days to my relaxing vacation at perhentian island! yay!! i read the website of our hotel and it states there wireless hotspot man!! soooooooo mayb i'll bring my laptop along.. which i doubt.. but just mayb i will.....
Anywho... here's some pics..

wei fion and becky
wei and me


Becky and me

Wei me and becky

wei and me again

My new phone! nokia5700 xpress music


when i play music!!!

Okey dookey time to go... got work at 1.30 lol hahaha kay....... 4 more days!

Till next time!! buhbyeeeeeeee....


Anonymous said...

bread valley hav the greatest bread n cake in the world... some more excelent customer service can 'entertain' customer as well.. wish u all the best in futere!!

sabrina said...

hahahahahha thanks NICK!