Thursday, 16 August 2007

work and clubbing...

I would like to take this opportunity to say i'm very sorry for all readers that i have not been updating... just been busy with other stuff.... Anyway.. i've got a wei wei bday post up nxt time.. but as for tonight i will be writing about the THREE WEEKS in a row that we went to poppy's and havanita's.... three weeks man.. non stop the same old place.
But still it's damn happening there.. especially when you're dancing in poppy's and want to get some fresh and cold air you just pop into havanita's and TADA you're chilled. best place to get a table as well...
Anyways.. the first occasion that was celebrated there was wei wei's bday! and it was the bomb i have to say... to those that weren't there... you really missed out on a fantastic night! *plus i danced with an Ang Mo!* lol
Second occasion was just that it was fun the previous week so we decided to go AGAIN!! lol..
And third was coz of wern tien's birthday... lol... i have pics for the 2nd and 3rd visit to poppys but not the first as it's in the other pc. and i will be dedicating a 'late post' (sorreee wei) for wei's bday celebration.

So here are some pics.. please do enjoy especially those who visit and tag the board as i know you all have been waiting for an update! hehee.

Me and Wei

Paparazi taking a pic of me and becky.

Becky and Wei

Wei and BrianBrian and I

Me and wei wei... *we just came from the dance floor.. as you can see. i'm red*Crazy people! Lol... Nigel, Brian and BeckyAgain Crazy people! lol wei, wern tien, beck and brianI love this pic.. lol... me and wei again! This was just the week that past.... fion, wei and me.Wei and Me again.....HAHAHAHAH this pic is sooooo funny! lol... *sings* in the stree-ee-ee-ttssss

Kay... that's it for now.. it's getting late....

People i've got a new phone and will be going to perhentian for merdeka weekenD!!!!!! WOPPEEE....

Till nxt time take care... Mwah!

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