Tuesday, 21 August 2007

time for one last holiday in malaysia for now....

i cant wait for work to finish off!! and then holiday and then......... off to england

I'll be going for a holiday to the wonderful perhentian island with wei and fion over merdeka weekend.. and i can't wait for the sun and the sea!! scuba diving yo! hehehe and the nights drinking as well.

When i get back from 'the trip' i'll only have another 8 days till i fly off. =( again i find myself thinking that i won't be seeing my mates and enjoying the malaysian food that is here.... people tell me it's okay and its all for the experience! oh well.... gueesss it's another part of life that i will have to face. it will be for the first time i won't be celebrating xmas and cny with my family. Thank God i have family over in manchester.. i least i can go back there for the holidays.

Anyways......... guess that's all i will updating abt now. will try to make my nxt entry possibly before merdeka weekend a little more interesting.

Take care folks... thanks wei for reading this blog!

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