Friday, 2 November 2007


Right, lets get on with it. haha.. There was this crappy halloween party at Kirkstall SU bar.. it was utter bollocks.. seriously it sucked big time! what a waste of my money in getting in. But on the other hand i did have fun with my mates and we camwhored the night away.

In other news.. I'll be going to liverpool on sunday. it will be a day trip... i'm going into the beatles museum! yay! i promise i'll take alot alot of pics and post up ok? if not here it will be on facebook! haha. *well you know who are the real photographers! it will be mostly sissi's and aydin's photos* teehee.

Okay. i guess that's enough blabbering. here are the photo's from the halloween party @ Kirkstall! Oh ya! and some random ones the day before and in the day itself! haha.


Me and Junie.
suppose to be spider turn into crab!
Me and Aliaa on the bus!

Sham, Junie and me.

Junie merajuk over i cant remember and me staring into space!

Me straightening aliaa's hair.. all my hardwork ofcourse was wasted after 15mins it was back to normal. =(

Junie and mua. (pre halloween party)

and again...

Me and Aliaa

Me and Aydin (he didnt want to take his picture with me hence the face) Loads of candid pictures!
candid again
candid again
candid! posing time! lol
Muax! i heart aliaa... =)
heheheheh i look scary here and elia looks gorgeous!
even more scary
adjust adjust... must be nice... lol all together now. (thanks eddy for taking the pic! :P)
pose 1
pose 2
pose4 pose5
awwww *puke* lol
Final picture.. i leave you with this.. hahaha aliaa looking like shes really interested in something a far ,i'm like get the picture over with and aydin is like take the picture already.. or like wtf you want! lol

Okay so thats about it i guess! you guys stay tuned for more updated of my life. as if it's so interesting! lol

Love to all!


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