Tuesday, 27 November 2007

finish one thing and the nxt comes knocking on your door.

I've just completed my proposal and handed in last friday. now i've got communication audit research knocking on my door. gosh. when does it ever stop? i can tell you.. possibly never. i spent the pass weekend in manchester visiting my grandmother.

Alistair my cousin picked me up at the station and we headed to nanna's then back to town for lunch and to the german xmas market which is twice the size of the one in leeds. Speaking of xmas markets... i'll be going to durham this weekend for a xmas fair.

I guess there isn't really much to blog about.. just thought i'll keep this place updated from time to time. i'm sure i'll be updating after my durham trip. till then.. enjoy these random pics i've got.

Junie touching the frost

My cousin's toddler and me. shes two and she's adorable!

kay that's all folks. till next time stay tuned!

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