Wednesday, 21 November 2007

sham's birthday, O.C marathons and dissertation proposals...

Bit outdated this post but.. rather write something than nothing right?

Okay... Starting off with Sham's Birthday, Twas a suurrrprisseee bu
rfday party for her. it involved me, alia and elia (along with junie not sooo much of her help coz she was preoccupied with someone! =P) slaving our Saturday away just to get everything ready for the night! And man.. did our hard work pay off! she was crying when she saw it and also... speechless! imagine that? shaarmini speechless.. amazing. hahaa.. Pictures will be put up later. Been rewatching OC with the girls as well.. and sleepovers at elia's place make it all sooo much nicer! haha.. Last week and this week however i've been cracking my head over the dissertation that's due on the 26th.
haihz... Uni work is seriously vastly different from the work i did back in Taylors. well i guess its all part of the growing up learning process. Anyway wish me 'good success' as one of my German mates told me... 'good luck is for lossers, good success is for winners!' hahaha and i want to be a winner!

Okay.. enjoy the pictures!

Must get the right foodddddddOur Creation.. haha. well Aliaa's creation. Huff and Puff.... i was out of breath by the time we finished.. and my mouth tasted like balloon and my room smelt like it.

The amount me and Elia blew..... gosh.. Our creation!! Balloon Heart!
Me and the Burfday girl!!Me and Elia..Aliaa and me!
GUess that's abt it then.. i'm off to concentrate on my dissertation.. pray ya all? thanks.


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