Tuesday, 1 January 2008

22 December - Xmas Party - Kirkstall Brewery @ 11pm till 6.30am

Hi all,

Here is the update on the party we had after the xmas dinner...

People who attended - Aliaa, Elia, Shaam, Junie, Clems, Eddy and Aydin.

Things we did - Danced, Drinked, Played cards? haha.

All in all i had a wonderful time and am happy we got to celebrate xmas just before all of us went away for it! Thanks guys and girls for coming. =D

Here are some photos. Enjoy......
Me and Shaam..

Sham and Aliaa..

Hehehe.... Aliaa and me.

First kiss of the night. =) - Elia and Junie
Second kiss of the night. - Elia and Shaam Third kiss of the night - Elia and Me. muahaha.

Erm they did kiss but dont have evidence of it. DAMN.
Elia and Aliaa

Aww... me like.... - Aliaa and Me

Pfftt.. Me
We had secret santa gifts.. and i was Elia's i got her this! doesn't she look hot? Aliaa secret santa was shaam and she got her the boots!

the excitement when we exchanged. aahahha
Awww.. they love me... hahaa - Aliaa, Elia and Me

being emo.. i miss you...
The boys got hungry at 3am so they ordered take out... look at me the vodka and scotch got to me...
Eddy, Aydin , Me and Clems Aliaa left her hat on the light and it started melting it luckily i noticed and moved it. or else we would have had an early night! =D

Junie with what we got her for xmas

Shaam's secret santa was Aliaa - She got Shaam a purse thingymajig dont know what they are called.

My secret santa was Elia who placed my gift inside a butter biscuit tin.. I was like OH ok thanks for the biscuits! haha. when i opened it a t-shirt and bangle appeared. Thanks babe! Mwah.
Sham and Aliaa. Aliaa and Clems... he is soooooo tallllllllll............

Elia, Clems and Shaam..

Eddy and Aydin..


Playing cards...

Shaam and I! =)

Cards anyone?

Eliaa and Shaam..

We were finishing a dutch game that ended our night at 6.30am...
Alright that was the xmas party we had just before we all went away... my next post will be about xmas at manchester (jst a few pics) and My bday!

Take care all!



Anonymous said...

my first xmas party....it was fun n great....weehee...besh besh....lovv ya gurlsss....xoxo

Anonymous said...

hehehe love you too AL..