Friday, 1 February 2008


hey... i told you a few post back what i would be doing right? ive finally got the time and the computer to blog with pictures! haha.

Well here are a bunch of pics i hope you enjoy them.

Mayte and ME @ Oceana

Cristina and me @ Oceana

Me and Pinky @ Oceana

Junie and Me @ Revolution

Pinky and Me @ Revolution

Me and Ming @ Revolution

Clemens and Me @ Revolution

Maite and Me @ Gangsta night
Cristina and Me @ Gangsta NightMe, Authur and Dian @ Gangsta night

Jose and Me @ gangsta night

Me and Cristina @ gangsta night

Ming and I Gangsta night

Maite and Me @ gangsta nightMe and Dian - The day she left.. =(

ME and Maite @ Authur's house

Cristina and Me @ Authur's house

Me getting ready for cuban night

Erm.. thats about it. haha. Take care all.



- - elAinE s@n - - said...

it seems tat u are having so much fun in leeds...not like me...bristol is damn LIFE!!!!hahaha...and not much food to choose in the city...aih...sometimes we have 2 think for soooooooooo long to decide wat to eat,sounds lagi sad rite...haha...
and dear...u party alot happening....unlike me...but the clubs are quite some distance away from my never plan to go out...maybe later of the year...
hey...happy chinese new year..wats ur plan??we had a few plans for dinner and tats it...aih...there is no cny's feel ang pow as well...arghhhhhhh...i wan money...i need money...HAHAHAHA...although pounds has drop quite alot,but still,its expensive...ok la....visit my blog sometimes...drop me some comments as well...hehe...and happy celebrating cny!!!!see ya soon....

Anonymous said...

hey elaine!!
thanks for dropping by my blog. i will drop by urs when i have the time. haha
For CNY my friends and i are doing steamboat for our reunion dinner. Then for cny night im going out with one of my friends to our malaysian friends house for dinner. haha they gonna cook! Thats abt it. yea leeds i can imagine a bit more happening than bristol le. so u better come and visit me then i will bring you out! haha. okay..... stay in touch and hope to see you soon. xxxxxx

*~AngeLa~*... (^^) said...

I like ur last picture...the hair is turning out really niceeeee....

xoxo (^^)