Monday, 28 January 2008

Back to University

Is it me or is time really moving fast these days? I mean i still remember it being yesterday that it was new years... now its already the 28th? gosh.... time is really going.. sooner or later it will be august and i'll be home in Malaysia with my family and friends.. missing the English weather. (loads of British will laugh at me coz they hate their weather)

I've actually been going out lately so there are loads of pictures to load up. I will do when i have the chance. As you all know i dont have a laptop here with me so therefore im blogging from uni.

I've got a painful sore throut and runny nose.. but still surviving dont worry!
I NEED to find a job if im going to go travelling in june!! I need the money!! I need to get money to go back to msia so that i can travel as well!!! I dont know these days... i just feel like travelling. hehe.

Well its going to be a short post ladies and gentlemen as ive got nothing much else to say...

Stay Tuned & have a good day!


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