Friday, 20 June 2008

Forgot to post about this..

I totally forgot to post about this. lol.
Er.. on the 16th of May (i can remember this date coz it was the last exam,only exam in england i had to take) we went to Akbar's in town and then a night out at Oceana (one of the best clubs in Leeds).

Was a great night out. had loads of memories... loads of interesting facts were past about.. Aydin will know what im talking about. haha. Over all it was a great night out...

Here's some pictures. more on facebook and friendster.

L-R : Dina, Junie, Me, Kumar and Aydin.

Junie and Dina

Kumar and Jason

Eddy, The Huge Nan Bread! and Aydin

all enjoying their nan bread.

Me between the two nan breads.
Jason and I

Jason saying its too hot.. alright for malaysian tho.

L-R: Eddy, Aydin, Junie, Dina, Jason and Kumar.

Junie, Jason and I

Me and Dina.Aydin and Sabrina

Jason and Sabrina

Aydin, Dina and Eddy.

L-R: Jason, Dina, Eddy and Aydin

Aydin and JasonJason, Dina and Aydin - we were up till the sun came out. which was half 5 in the morning.

Loads of more updates are coming up. i will probably finish all the update from Leeds before i leave.. Missing all my friends, u know who u are. i miss u everyday... just remember that pals!! see you soon..

Love, Sabrina.

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