Monday, 23 June 2008

Leeds Summer Ball 2008

Leeds Summer Ball consist of students from Leeds Uni and Leeds Met. There were like 9000 people at this ball and it was the B.O.M.B! absolutely loved it! its an experience i will never ever forget and im glad i spent my money on it!

Anywho... there are pictures.. so i will load them. haha. really lazy to type. enjoy.

First Few Pictures was taken by Aydin. haha. he helped us out that day taking professional pictures of us!

And then from here was pinky's camera!

This is ONE of the marquee's that was there. Mutya Buena performed there.
There were EIGHT marquee's btw. lol With different genre's of music!

TEMP tattoo's we got!

Hurm..... that's about it.. its 4am here now. tired... need to sleep. being summer the sun is out already. lol. Will update again soon.

Love, Sabrina xxxxxxxxx

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