Saturday, 7 June 2008

Dublin babyyyy..

Sorry for the lack of updates just not really had the right time to do one.. lol.

Anyway.. This post is about my trip to Dublin with the Malaysian Girls. We had a great time and special thanks goes out to Angela and Sri Ganesh for taking us about Dublin. I also got to meet Fazliana while i was there.. been awhile lol. Anyway! Thanks Guys!

So we first set off to Dublin and got there without any troubles... Angela met us at the airport and then we went to her house to put our stuff and just chill for a bit.. and then we headed to town to get info from the tourist center to see what we were going to do the four days we were there. So we went around the city center our first day and got the feel of the city life in Dublin.. (stuff in Dublin is F'ing expensive! being one of the most expensive cities in the world) we at a irish pub eating irish food... soooo.. that was a nice meal. Ending our day at Angela's, me on the internet, Pinky reading a magazine, Sham and Elia watching telly.

The next day.. we woke up late.. lol and headed to the Guinness Factory... it was AMAZING, and at night we went home first got our stuff and headed to Sri Ganesh house for dinner and a night out in Dublin.... It was great just that a bit tooo pack for my liking and loads of people moving about.

On Sunday we went to Hoath, its a coastal line with magnificent ocean views and lovely huge villa type of houses. Can't imagine what kinda view they wake up to! Gosh.. lucky people.

We went to meet up with Fazliana after that for lunch and while i caught up with her.. the girls went shopping... and when fazee had to go and continue studying, we said our goodbyes and i went and met with them and got some shopping done as well!

The next morning we headed to the airport and got on a plane and headed back to leeds. overall it was an amazing holiday.. and i enjoyed it very very much.. i recommend all to go to Dublin.. its a pretty amazing city from my aspect.

Enough said... here are some pictures!

Arrive at Dublin. Me and Pinky.

Dublin City...

Shot from the bottom Me, Elia, Shaarmini and Pinky.

Dudududu.. i think i'll just relax here.


Group shot. Sham, Me, Elia and PinkyMe with pole

Barisan Sedia! ON duty that day.

hehehe. cannot open our eyes.

Sham, Me and Elia.. Castle behindSpot Me?



Groupies at church

Hehehehehe... i know something you dont know. Raar!


Pinks and Me.


Hard Rock Cafe Dublin! Children out to play...

Guinness Babyyyy...

Didnt drink it at All.. well i tried.. just didnt like it.

Sham and Me.. Another Cathedral.. I love Dublin.

Globe... Trinity College Dublinerr. there is rumor behind this sculpture.. lazy to type.. lol

Guinness groupie shot!


Yo yo yo.. whatsup whatsup?

Meh!! dont la... i didnt do anything to you. Says it all

Welcome to trinity college dublin..

Night out


Pinks and I hair all ruined. Groupies..


Pinks and I again...

And that wraps up my Dublin trip post.. hope all of you have enjoyed it. I'm off to do my stuff now. till next update stay tuned....

Love, Sabrina

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