Wednesday, 18 June 2008

GateCrashers with Malaysian girls.

On the 28th of May [i know its pretty late in updating, i've just been lazy and preoccupied till now!] lol. we [Aliaa, Elia, Sham, Pinky, Jason, Hafiz, Aydin, Bjorn, Sasha, Markus, Julia and me] went to gate crashers for a night out! it was AWESOME! seriously.... best club in Leeds for me. its has two floors with massive dance floors and both different genre of music playing. overall i love it. i think its the best club in leeds!! love it love it love it! pictures up now. and later a bit more writing.

Bjorn and Julia

My housie and Meh.

Housie and me

Sham showing her movessss

Meh, Hafiz and Al

Sham and JasonMe and Al

Me and Meh

Hafiz and I

Group pic. i love this pic of them.

me.. getting hyper...Jason me and hafiz

Me, Aydin and Sham.

So... everyone has left kirkstall now and pretty much all alone here. bummer. but in less than two weeks i'll be going to manchester and then to birmingham when my sis is back and then back to manchester then leeds for graduation and then.... yea... manchester and some times to birmingham to visit my sis.

Okay.. i just wanted to give a shout out to my friends that i miss who are : Aydin, Cristina, Elia, Sham, Pinky, Aliaa, Maite and all the other spanish and germans who left kirkstall.
As well as peeps at home in Msia! im back in EIGHT weeks! Wei, Becky, Steph, Justina, Vonnie, Nat, Rehka and all the other peeps at college!..

That's all for now i guess.

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