Sunday, 7 September 2008

Nat's birthday

last week was Nat's birthday. so we went out for dinner and some drinks at CoCoBaNaNa... it was also a meet up after being away for almost a year. hope to have another meet up soon.

anyway.. in other news... my BKK trip was canceled due to the political riots and state of emergency that was declared. i'm happy that we were able to get back the refund of our flights tho. so it wasn't such a heartache... however we were still disappointed and upset... its okay we will go next time..when its not so dangerous.

So i've been working at my mum's and bro's school for the past week just keeping an eye on things... and doing some design work for their posters.......

Here are some pictures....

While waiting in the car.

Nat, Me and Evon..... Yuen Steamboat Mentari, Subang Jaya.


Steammmmmboat with mates. (first time with mates)

Me and Nat after cocobanana... my eyes.. gosh i must have been tired.Hehehehe.. i like.


Me and beautiful kenix.

Me and Vonieeeeeeee

Okay.... im heading out to jalan alor for dinner now. seafoooddddd.... i wannttttt.......

Im really missing England by the way. all the mates.. i think coz i saw them everyday of my life there its weird that i dont see my friends here everyday. sigh... its okay..... i'll pull through.

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