Wednesday, 3 September 2008

'you didn't suprise us, you lied to us'

Title of the post was said by Lim Wei Wei when i went to her house on the night i arrived. Haha. it was hilarious... you see... i told all my mates that i was returning on the 16th instead of the 14th, just to surprise them... unfortunately they didn't really appreciate me giving them the shock. haha.

Anyways...... i was happy to do and happy to see most of my mates at the moment. there are still loads to see and hopefully we will meet up soon!

Moving on to other events that occurred over the past three weeks now that i've been back. Clemens came to visit on the 21st and was staying at my place. Hopefully, we did a good job in bringing him around. but he kept telling us that 'its alright.. we can just chill and hang out i dont mind coz im here to see you all only.' awwwww..... how sweet. Anyway Clems... just to let you know we enjoyed your company and bringing you out. Please do come back again and stay longer next time - for Malaysia has a lot more to offer.

So here are just a lil bit of the pictures we took while Clemens was here.

First night we brought him to redbox for karaoke. we enjoyed it.

Elia and me @ Redbox
Clemens fell asleep in Aliaa's car when we were on the way to KLCC


Petronas Twin Tower / KLCCKLCC with Clemens and Aliaa

Me and Aliaa

And again.. with the park behind us.

Then we took him to Batu Caves.... Big statue of their God
Steps leading up to the temple. way way up there.


Clemens and the Buddha.

From a diff view.

Kuala Lumpur view from the KL Tower.

KLCC / Twin Towers from KL tower.
Clemens with the towers.

Clems and Me under the Tower (Tiang) lol

Tian How Gong Temple. (chinese temple)


Clemens and God.Clemens and me before his flight off back to Indonesia and then to Holland.

That's all the pictures from Clemens visit to Malaysia. Hope you really did enjoy it Clemens and i'll see you soon either back in Malaysia again or in Holland! =)


Anonymous said...

im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

Ell Mohd said...

love the pics!
missin havin u all the time too!
miss our leeds's time!
can't wait to bukak puasa wit u tomolo!

sabrina said...

HAahhaha thanks. missing it too! c u soon. and take care.