Monday, 15 September 2008

Music & Booze

For the past week my parents have been to India and back, supposedly i was suppose to go to Bangkok but it got canceled, met Kevin the other night and finally went clubbing with wei and the rest.

I was alright over the past week without my parents around. but had loads of errands to run for the school and other stuff as well. had two interviews last week. hopefully they'll get back to me this week!

Moving on.... so i went to Velvet twice in a weekend row.. i like clubbing back in KL again... its different from Leeds. Its for one thing packer (sometimes till like a sardin can) ... and you'll come out of the club sweaty and smelling of smoke! Thus... its different. music wise as well. but they do tend to put a mixture of music which is great.

Don't get me wrong... i do miss the coolness (temp wise), the non smell like smoke feeling.. and the i can swing my arms about without hitting people sensation! lol loved it.

Butttt.... overall i love clubbing thus doing it anywhere will please me fine.

here are some pictures over the course of the two nights at velvet.



Wern Tien's


Different night

Wei's Group picture..

head shot


group picture... er... the drunkness?

Well then.. that's it for now. gonna update again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?